Jeff Bloom


Aussie Muscle Car Museum owner and creator Jeff Bloom is a 40 something year old small business owner and mad passionate car enthusiast based in Brendale, Brisbane. Jeff has high octane gas in his veins, and a hyperlust for all things mechanical and fast. Not just muscle cars, Jeff loves modern and classic cars, fast bikes, boats, planes, whatever...  A successful personal development entrepreneur and speaker for many years, proud Aussie Jeff now indulges his passion through his businesses "Aussie Muscle Car Traders" and "Nostalgia Wheels Australia". As you can see, he's a classic wheel enthusiast also! His non automotive interests include personal development, Australiana, 70s 80s music, travel and more..

Best of all, ladies, Jeff is single and circulating, looking for a partner in crime to share his love of life and fine automobiles!