Jeff's crazy about Cobras!  Ever since the historical Bathurst 1 - 2 Falcon hardtop win of 1977, his Aunty Hazel taking delivery of a shiny new metallic blue Ford Landau coupe in 1976, and the release of the Falcon XC Cobra in 1978, Jeff's been bitten by the Falcon hardtop bug, particularly Cobras. He purchased XC Cobra #343 back in 2001 (351 auto with air con and power steering), then picked up a tidy matching XC 351 4 speed ute in 2005. A BF Cobra (also build #343) was purchased new on the 31 December 2007 and has travelled a paltry 6,183km since. His "Aussie Muscle Car Museum" workfleet consists of a replica BF Cobra (XR6) ute and 1997 Ford Transit, both decked out in the famous Cobra livery with business signage. Not surprisingly, Jeff's corporate colours are blue and white!