1.   How did you get so many cars?

The simple answer to that is that I started with 1.... and kept on going. The first car in the collection was a blue 1970 Ford Capri GT V8 (way back in 1996), which led to other Fords, which led to GTs, then Monaros, then Toranas, then Valiant Pacers & Chargers, Brocks, HSVs, and so forth. It was never the intention to have more than 100 cars, it just kind of turned out that way!

2.  Do you have a favourite?

No. No one car has every single attribute I'm looking for, but a few come pretty close. If I had to put together a top 5, I'd choose the Commodore VL Group A (this one has a rather warm 'stroker' V8), purple XA Falcon GT sedan, the screaming 6 Pack silver Valiant Charger E38, the funky little yellow Escort RS2000, and my tough little pink LJ Torana GTR XU2 clone V8 5 litre.

3.  Do you get to drive them all?

No. Although most are driveable, only a couple are registered. I'll have to invest in a trade plate! The logistics of keeping nearly 100 cars in full operation is pretty crazy.

4.  What made you start the collection?

No one had ever done this before in Australia, so I thought "why not"?  We are fortunate to have a very rich motoring heritage in this country, and with the local manufacturers pulling out in the next couple of years, this gives us the opportunity to preserve some history for future generations to appreciate.   






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