The story so far...

Aussie Muscle Car Museum is the culmination of nearly 20 years' ongoing blood sweat and tyres, researching, searching, uncovering, haggling, transporting, restoring and storing over 100 highly desirable & collectable Australian collector vehicles.

The story starts back in early childhood, the early 70s to be precise, where Jeff Bloom succumbed to an infatuation with performance cars in general, and big Aussie V8s in particular, in their heyday. His eldest brother Greg employed Jeff at his New Farm Mobil garage at the tender age of 15, circa 1981 as a 'driveway attendant'. These were the days of Super fuel at 32.9c per litre, and 'service stations' that earned their name, with Jeff filling customers' tanks, checking tyre pressure, engine oil, even cleaning windscreens. With Greg's mechanical wizardry and lust for high performance cars, Mobil New Farm quickly became known as THE place to tweak your hot 6 or V8...   Jeff often unwittingly found himself riding shotgun in some of Greg's 'test drives' with customers' cars after performance modifications had been carried out!

Age 16, Jeff was scanning through one of his favourite magazines of the day, "Street Machine", where he stumbled across an article called "Buried Treasure", the story of an American muscle car collector Pete Sidlow, and his mouthwatering 50 something collection of Mustangs, Camaros, Chargers etc. For Jeff it was instant love at first sight. He thought to himself "someone needs to do that over here (in Australia)", and so the seeds were sown for what would one day become the world's largest collection of Australian muscle cars. Of course, being a 16 year old teenager meant the dream was a little out of reach....  for the time being.

Fast forward to 1996, and a 30 year old Jeff Bloom was fast building a reputation of an internationally renowned business coach and seminar speaker, who found himself suddenly in the position to fulfil his boyhood dream. The first car in the collection was a 1970 Ford Capri GT V8, followed by a succession of other British hi-po Fords (Escort, Cortina etc), which in turn led to Falcon GTs, then Holden Monaros & Toranas, and later Valiant Pacers and Chargers. The plan was to have one of everything from the first Monaro GTS & Falcon GT right up to the present day. In the 90s, there was a ready selection of these types of cars for sale, and most were very affordable and in very good unrestored condition. Jeff started buying in earnest, often securing 2 or 3 cars per week, and the collection rapidly expanded. Regular interstate business travels often found Jeff in the airport lounge scanning the relevant state's local "Trading Post" for muscle car bargains. Road trips to Brisbane from 'wherever' became a frequent occurrence with future museum exhibits being driven back from Townsville, Sydney, Wollongong, Barossa Valley SA, Mornington Peninsula, Newcastle, Mackay, Bowral, Dandenong, Adelaide, Dubbo, Bendigo, Orange, Blackbutt and many more. It was certainly an interesting way to see Australia!   

Storage quickly became an issue, the number of friends with a garage not being used quickly dried up, and Jeff was at one stage renting 8 separate commercial storage areas. A chance reunion with an old friend saw Jeff being offered a cavernous 100m x 15m storage facility not far from where he lived. Affectionately known as 'The Chook Shed', Jeff negotiated a storage arrangement with the then owners, circa 1999 and soon relocated his 30 something collection into the new space. Cars huddled at one end, the space seemed like it would be impossible to fill, but Jeff was determined, and fill it he did!

Whilst the chook shed was doing the job required of it, Jeff always understood this to be a temporary solution. The ultimate plan was to source land and build his own purpose-made museum & storage facility. By sheer luck he was able to find & secure a 1/2 acre (2,120m2) vacant block in the Brisbane Northside suburb of Bald Hills. In 2009 Jeff built the first of many sheds on the property and moved in. The 'ManCave', as it is affectionately known, proudly houses 6 muscle cars, entertaining areas and more. Full details are on the ManCave page of this site. A 2nd shed holds 6 of the baby Fords, a 480m2 concrete slab has been laid in readiness for the biggest of the new sheds, soon to be home to 44 cars, and a 24 car carport is soon to be erected, decorated, furnished and populated, all in time for the Xmas 2015 relaunch!